Our Process


Initial Meeting


Choosing Pre-Construction Service


Estimate Preperation


Construction Contract


Construction Begins


Initial Meeting

The initial meeting with Wellcraft Builders centers around identifying your wants and needs for your project. 

We have a list of questions we typically ask our potential clients so that we can narrow down the starting point of this process. As we learn more about your needs and expectations, we will fine tune our discussions to those specifics. 

We like challenges but not as much as we like having clients who are thrilled with their new home and the process of getting there!



Choosing Pre-Construction Service

The Professional Service Agreement secures Wellcraft Builders as your design contact. We will work with you in conjunction with an architect, home designer and/or interior designer.

We will be looking for designs that accomplish a number of things:

1. They meet your goals and expectations.

2. Your plan fits on your home site and meets the community requirements.

3. We are maximizing our construction efficiencies 

  • Tracking toward your budget.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Efficient to build, no wasted spaces.

  • Maximize energy conservation & resources.

  • Anticipate potential problem areas within the design – water intrusion, change orders, structural spec


Estimate Preperation

We have now established the direction and nailed down the details. This is the point where we collect bids from our trade contractors and vendors to compile a budget that meets your requests.

We will provide you with a line by line estimate of the anticipated costs of the proposed structure per the plans. If there are areas that have not been determined as “final selections” (i.e. landscaping, floor coverings, tile) we will create allowances to enable us to arrive at an accurate as possible estimate for your new home.

While we are figuring out what your home is going to cost, you should know how you are going to pay for it. Will you be working with a lender? We can help keep that process moving forward. Tell us more about what you need and let us provide you with a list of prospective local lenders.



Construction Contract

We are now officially a team. At this point, we become your builder. Once we have a contract we will focus on the construction schedule and your financing. By now, if you are planning to finance your home, you have narrowed down your choice of lenders.

You have likely provided your lender with tax returns and related financials.  They will want us to supply them with a copy of the construction contract, set of construction drawings, specifications and the budget.

*Please note–the bank that provides the construction financing may not always be the bank that retains your long term mortgage.



Construction Begins​

During construction you will get regular updates, photos, and a monthly construction itinerary & schedule. We will provide a direct point of contact on your job who oversees every aspect of the jobsite, your Project Manager.

  • Site visits are great but safety first! Hardhats are required.

  • If we aren’t on site but our subcontractors are, PLEASE DON’T ask them to tell us things, as sometimes this information is not conveyed to the Project Manager.

  • Scheduled site visits with your Project Manager will be bi-weekly with phone calls on weeks in between.                 

You will always have questions or thoughts on how your job is progressing so please feel free to call or email anytime! We are never too busy to hear from you.


Got a project in mind? Don’t Hesitate call us today!